Back: One-piece
Body Length: 35.7 cm.
Upper Bout: 16.6 cm.
Center Bout: 10.9 cm.
Lower Bout: 20.4 cm.


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Bein & Fushi 1999 Calendar, Chicago, 1999: Color photos (front & back).


Owner Owned From Owned In Owned Till Price paid
Bein & Fushi         

Current owner Current owner
Indicates that the owner is or was also a musician Indicates that the owner is or was also a musician


Auction Date Note Estimate Hammer Price
Tarisio, London  Jun-25-2012      For members only 

Including buyer's premium
Current record for maker and instrument type
Record at time of sale for maker and instrument type


Certificate: Peter Biddulph, London, September 4, 1998

Certificate: J. & A. Beare, London, September 10, 1998. 0900/CB.

Certificate: Bein & Fushi, Chicago, August 12, 1998. S2555.